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About Gemini Developments (NW) Ltd

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A spacious kitchen and dining table
What makes us tick

Here at Gemini Developments we strive to help you in any way possible, we can you get that project from your head to paper and finally in to a complete and finished product.

From our free help and advice to a custom tailored project plan, we have it covered,

So if that drip coming from the bathroom tap is keeping you up at night, Or you need extra room in your family home, we are happy to help.

We don’t walk away once the work is done, we stick around and are only one phone call away on help and advice maintaining your dream. 

Architectural plans

Preconstruction Design

A man cutting a wooden plate with a saw

Design & Construction Estimate

On-Site Consultations

A constructor, a woman and a man looking at architectural plans

The Finishing


A wood and white kitchen

Our Quality Guarantee

Quality is what we aim for in every aspect of what we do.

From the moment we discuss solutions to you or your business about your dream project or business requirements, through to the delivery of the project and beyond, quality is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Quality Guarantee is the result of the seamless integration of intelligent direction, skillful execution and customer satisfaction. We ensure that your contractual requirements are met and exceeded all the time, every time.

Because we pride ourselves on our extremely high standards of service, we are continually monitoring our performance and updating our knowledge to ensure we are on top of all the latest developments in our industry.

From small landlord maintenance to building your dream home quality is guaranteed.

Create your dream home.
Tell us about your project today.

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